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Ecommerce And The Future Of Video


Gordon Gekko in Wall Street, Patrick Bateman in American Psycho, Jordan Belfort in ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’. Depictions of financial organisations in the media lean towards the unsavoury. But what if the future of video was finance? Venture capitalists in Silicon Valley are waking up to their morning Soylent Green with the realisation that ecommerce could be video’s “Killer App”. With the boom...

Data Analytics For Content Creators


Why Content Creators Need Data Analytics Perched on gilded thrones built on user information, Zuckberg and Besos appear godlike. However data (like God) isn’t exclusive to corporations, frameworks and analytics tools enable content creators to perform the same tasks as tech titans. In an Information Age, it’s not enough that content creators simply be “creative”. Fortunately, just as Prometheus...