The Rise Of AI Influencers


In the neon-drenched, algorithmic underworld of digital marketing, where sanity is as scarce as a truthful politician, a generation of AI Influencers are being born. The hallucinogenic vision of a marketer on a bad acid trip, they’re on the cusp of sending traditional influencers to Centrelink.

Guiding you through the dark underbelly of AI influencers and the reasons for their raise, you’ll be chaperoned by images of Enamoured Iris’s very own AI influencer. Introducing Eleanor Luxe.

1. Eternally Economical

Behold the AI Influencers, digital phantoms birthed from the womb of binary code and cold, hard logic. Forget the high-maintenance, flesh-and-blood influencers with their insatiable hunger for cash and business class tickets to Bali. They don’t demand exotic vacations, sycophantic praise or a stream of cash just to wear your brand. No, these algorithms are cheap, a marketer’s opium dream – high on impact, low on maintenance.

For this reason, we’re seeing the first AI Influencers generate over €10,000 per month with brand partnerships and subscription content that costs pennies to produce.

2. Ageless, Faceless

These digital apparitions mock the very concept of time. Ageless, eternally hip, they’re the Dorian Grays in a world where everyone else is painfully mortal. Human influencers, those poor meat sacks, decay under the relentless march of time, but AI influencers? Immortals in this realm’s grand digital bazaar, these ghosts in the machine are forever young, forever in vogue.

3. A Kaleidoscopic Charade

In the mad carnival of marketing, AI influencers are the consummate chameleons. Their tone, personality and appearance morph and adapt, becoming whatever it is the audience craves. Today a wellness ambassador with a skinny tea range, tomorrow a political candidate using OnlyFans as their platform, they’re shape-shifters who can become anything to anyone faster than you can like and subscribe.

And with academic research developing the ability for AI models to clone dance movements from Tiktok videos, the speed with which a model can learn new skills and tasks is akin to the Matrix-style technique of uploading knowledge directly to an individual’s brain.

4. Scandal-Free

While human influencers are time bombs of scandal, AI influencers glide through the chaos unscathed. They’re the untouchable, unblemished specters in a world riddled with human folly. No late-night DUIs, no infidelity scandals and no cringe-worthy social media meltdowns. They’re as clean as a whistle in a cesspool, the unmarred canvases in the filthy art gallery of public perception.

5. Tongue Twisters

Untethered to a single geography, language or culture, AI influencers can whisper sweet nothings in a hundred dialects. At a push of a button they reach all consumers with the ease of a virus spreading through the veins of internet. They’re the Babel fish of marketing, speaking in tongues that break every linguistic barrier and entice the masses to click and consume with their siren songs.

Much like Spotify’s AI-powered language translation allows podcasters to reach new markets and non-native speakers while maintaining the same voice, polyglot influencers cut one of the few remaining barriers in the digital age. 

6. Data-Driven

And let’s not overlook their omniscience – capable of amassing vast amounts of data, AI influencers are oracles in the digital age. Tracking engagement, analysing trends and crushing data faster than a Boomer with five investment properties crushes the home-owning dreams of a millenial, they predict what the audience wants before they even know it themselves.

Companies like HeyGen already enable users to generate photorealistic video avatars with minimal training data and allow their human masters to view an array of engagement metrics that can be used to optimise the AI avatar.


AI influencers are the all-seeing eye of Sauron with a TikTok account. Staring straight into the consumer’s soul, they’re the new ringleaders in the circus of consumerism. And as we’re thrust into an era in which the boundaries of real and artificial blur into oblivion, these shape-shifting figures will peddle dreams, lifestyles and ideologies. Weaving a new fabric of reality, they’ll achieve unimaginable influence and become masters of a universe that exists in the flickering glow of a screen.

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By Heath Garvey